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By Far, the most exciting development to come to the automotive aftermarket! This new product allows your Jobber and WD's to maintain a 24/7 Internet Presence. Your customers can now provide Activant's PartsExpert Catalog to their installers, commercial accounts, and the "Do it Yourselfers".

eDelivery Tracking System

Sixty nine percent of Auto Part suppliers make between 50 to 200 deliveries per week. What if the eDelivery Tracking System saved 5 minutes per delivery? That equals 15 to 60 hours per month. Now multiply that by the driver's wage, truck expense, and fuel ($15 to $25 per hr.) that equals anywhere from $300 as much as $1000 per month. eDelivery Tracking System costs $10 per truck per month, saving $100s of dollars per month.

ePaperless Office

ePaperless Office was developed to increase customer relations (CRM) between the Jobber/Distributor and the Installer, by using Internet technology. The Installer will have the ability to access any invoice, with or without signature capture and print, email or fax via the Internet anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! They can instantly see on line which part numbers were purchased and how many times they were ordered. The Installer will be notified by email when their interactive statement has been sent to ePaperless Office and is ready to be viewed. Finalized invoices are also instantaneously uploaded to ePaperless office, when the management system prints the invoice.